Zombie Levels XP Mode

This plugin allows you to add a Level System to your Zombie Plague server. This Level System is really powerful and it will make your server more fun and more interesting to play.


When you kill a zombie you gain experience and with enough experience, you gain a level. When you reach a certain level you will be able to use a shop that will improve your survival ability against zombies or humans. You can use a special shop menu as a zombie and as a human but some items are exclusive to humans and zombies. Also, players have an option to buy some levels using real currency. Some items in the shop are unlockable after reaching a certain level. Such as:

Level System Counter Strike Zombie Plague
Locked Items in Menu

When you unlock all of the items, the menu looks like this:

Level System Counter Strike Zombie Plague
Shop Page 1
Level System Counter Strike Zombie Plague
Shop Page 2

Buy levels shop looks like this:

Level System Counter Strike Zombie Plague
Buy Levels Shop

When you buy something that cost is level converting it will be logged in the panel (so head admins will be able to follow everything that players buy). That looks like this:

Level Converting Log Counter Strike
Level Converting Log

Also, there is a command for giving a level and it is logged too.

Give Levels Log Counter Strike
Give Levels Log

In the HUD you can see your experience and level any time

Level Show Counter Strike Zombie Plague
Level Show

And when you buy something from the menu you will get a message in a chat.

Convert Level Text Counter Strike
Convert Level Text
Buy Nemesis Text Counter Strike
Buy Nemesis Text


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