CS Forever Zombie Plague [FreeVIP+Bank+FastDL|ZM]


Shutted down

CS Forever Zombie Plague CS Forever Zombie Plague

CS Forever Zombie Plague is the server that started with working in 25th July 2011.


At first, it was Serbian server in Orion Telekom but later we transfered it to Frankfurt, Germany in G-Portal data center because of better performances and game without lag.


2013 was the year when CS Forever Zombie reached our life long dream. It was the strongest server in the World on gametracker.com and gametracker.rs statistics.
After that achievement there was a lot of DDoS attacks by jelious people and other server’s owners.. So I asked the gametracker’s administration to remove my server from all lists and I decided to disappear totally. CS Forever continued with working with best performances and very interesting gameplay.


2014 was the year when we returned the server on Gametracker again. In very short time it became the strongest server again and it reached the first rank again. Not long after that the attacks started again. So it was the time when we faced the attacks.


After all that the server was top ranked several more times again. Today the server works very successful with great admin team and a lot of players every day and night. We hope that the server will exist a plenty of years from now on and that it will be as successful as it has been so far.



CS Forever Zombie Plague characteristics:


  • FreeVIP 00 – 11h
  • Auto Save bank
  • Free Ammo Packs every map – Say /loto
  • Premium member [Boss ZM Class + /bshop menu + 500 AP every map]
  • Parachute [E]
  • Pmodmenu


Special game modes – Samurai, Sniper, Assassin, Monster, Nightmare, Armagedon, Star Wars, God, Nightcrawler, Bomber, Golden Survivor, Armor Man


Extra Items: Armor (Limited), Golden Deagle, No recoil, Minigun, Diamond damage (dmg x2), Knife blink (Limited), Divine Katana [One hit – 500 HP], Diablo M4a1, Auto-Sniper [Sniper fury – 3x damage]


VIP Items: Golden AK47, +150HP [Human], Icemourne knife (Chance for instant kill), Diamond AWP (Chance for instant kill), Bazooka, +2000HP [Zombie]


Facebook group: CLICK